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by Art Rogers



We love you, St. Maria Goretti.
It's a beautiful day - and any day with God is a good day.
St. Maria Goretti is a role model for the world,
and has helped me much in my life.

She died rather than sin.
God had a plan for her.
I guess we all wish we could be a saint;
however, she was chosen to bring a message to the world.
Her love of Jesus was great,
and this was her role in life - to be a saint.

And by doing so, she set an example of
purity, chastity and love for the whole world to see.

I hope I can be a role model myself,
like St. Maria Goretti.
She is a gift to us.

-Art Rogers, 9/16/98




Don't worry, my child.
You fell along the way
It's time to stand up
And start a new day

For God chose me
To die rather than sin
So when you're feeling down
Remember me.

Remember me, remember me
Lord, have mercy, remember me.

We all fall short
As a child of God
Try purity, honesty and love
And you will never be at fault.

Jesus died for you
Remember all things good
But if you stumble again
Always remember me


-Art Rogers, 1994




Dear child of God
You suffer no more
Now you are with Jesus
A poor, innocent child
who loved the Lord Jesus so much
That she died rather than sin
and offend her Lord in Heaven.

We humbly pray for Alessandro,
who did the horrible deed,
but he, too, has been forgiven.

Lord, have mercy on us, and on ours,
And bring us to everlasting life in Heaven
where we will be joined by those
who have gone before us.

We pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.

-Art Rogers, 10/23/00
St. Lawrence O'Toole Church




Forgive, forgive, forgive
God forgives, why shouldn't we?
We are all children of God
But some of us have lost our way.
In the course of life we have choices
However, we may be limited on our horizons
By ignorance, prejudice and fear
At all times we are evolving into new creatures
We try to forgive Alessandro for his horrible deed
By turning to God for the answer.
And God says,
"Forgive, forgive, forgive."

-Art Rogers, 3AM, 8/28/98




Smiling radiant faith with golden hair
Waits for the Father
She knows He's there
She had so little time
But her love had shown a way
She died rather than sin
Our little Angel of today

Now she's free in Heaven
For all the saints to see
Free with the Lord forever
An example people see
She helped so many people
Lord, she did her best
She died so young
But now she's at her rest

St. Maria Goretti
St. Maria Goretti
For purity you gave up your life
St. Maria Goretti
St. Maria Goretti
For your purity, all our spirits rise

Our little darling Angel
She loved more than the rest
She gave all she could
She always gave her best
And she will be remembered
For she never gave less

Our darling little Angel
Lord, she was so strong
Jesus pray with us
That we can carry on
She was only a child
Her innocence was white as snow
A guide for all of us
So that we can also win

Chorus, 2xs

-Art Rogers, 9/30/92




The relic medallion in front of me,
reminds me of the example
She gave to me.
The beautiful child who believed so strong,
She would rather die,
Than to do something wrong.

Maria Goretti, the 11 year old child
Is now with the Lord, her Loving soul
With the Lord to love.

She will suffer no more like on that day
When Alexander went astray
But precious Maria forgives, forgives the sin
because our Savior Jesus Christ died too and forgave
As we do also what is right.
Maria's love of Jesus was precious to follow

As we do look to her for inspiration and a way to live in life.

St Maria Goretti, pray for us as we pray to you.

God bless the pure soul forever and ever. Amen.

-Art Rogers




Dear St Maria Goretti
You have helped us all so much.
I believe in your heavenly vision
that you loved Jesus so much
that you died rather then offend him.

Your earthly work has been done.
You are now with the LorD in Heaven
May your example inspires us
To live holy lives - On earth, as it is in Heaven.
If we want happiness of life
we must live in holiness of life.
In God's eyes- May you be blessed forever. Amen.

-Art Rogers, Aug. 1 2002




She had a dream
Someday she'd be there
Standing in the garden
And all was well in there

There were lilies and roses
No evil to spoil the sun
Her white dress and roses
In the morning sun

Jesus in her heart
God's spirit in her words
And no evil to spoil the day
She was always walking with the Lord

Maria, now we pray
Let us be for the good
For we must also walk with the Lord
And do all the things we should

Flowers in the garden
Lilies white as snow
St. Maria Goretti
Your love will always show

Your soul blooms in the garden
And someday we may, too
Visit you in the garden
And smell the sweet perfume

And we know that you
Are always happy there
And bless you Lord for taking
Away all of her cares

blessed now as a saint
And no evil can come near
She is free in Heaven
And those flowers are so rare

Lilies white as snow
Flowers of sweet perfume
Blooming in the garden
She's like a flower waiting to bloom


-Art Rogers, 9/16/92




Innocent Beauty
Our special friend
You showed us the way,
And died rather than sin.
You gave hope, in place of fear.
Like Sunshine, your love has found us
to help us to Heaven.
You are free now, with the Lord,
In Eternal Joy.
Your Beauty will live forever,
And you will always be with us.

-Art Rogers, 7/31/88




Did you ever stop to think
We all come from common ancestors.

We're all from the same family, way back when.
So when you see your brother or sister down
Help them out and then say a prayer

And when you're down, maybe they'll help you.
We all have to pull together
To put the world back into a good place to live.

Smile when you're lonely
Love the One and Only
Help your neighbor as yourself
And you will find in your heart a treasure
that can't be counted in money and gold.

But the treasure you will have will last
Forever in your mind and heart
And you will share it with the hearts of others.

-Art Rogers, 11/23/99




Yes, Maria, I am sorry, sorry I did such a terrible deed.
But deep in your heart, with God's love, with His help, you have found forgiveness for me.

Thank you ever so much that a spiritual gift you have given me.

I'm only human, and without you and God,
I would have been condemned, condemned to hell forever.
But since my conversion, with your grace and the Grace of God,
I have been released from an eternity of torment forever.

I am grateful for your beautiful love and that of God that you have bestowed on my heart.

My prayer will always be with you and God. Amen.

-Art Rogers, July 1, 2002



Oh Alessandro, it was your horrible deed that brought you to final forgiveness,
By the Virgin Saint Maria's Goretti's apparition representing your conversion.
You have made the change,
"A new man", with this Saint's help.
She has smiled and forgiven you.
Thanks be to God the Father!

-Art Rogers




It was long ago, and a distant day. Behold the star, an early light, led the way for three wise men to visit and bring gifts to a newborn child in a manger.
He entered the world with nothing, and throughout his life, he had few material possessions - a pair of sandals, and the cloths on his back.
He became an incredible preacher. People listened to him and were healed. They followed him and they wrote about the things he said and did.
He performed many miracles. He died on a cross while the crowed gambled for his clothing.
Now he is the most influential person in all history. For 2000 years, the things he said and did live on and on. No one ever lived a more important life.
He has become the light of salvation in the darkness.
The books they wrote about him are the most important books ever written.
He is the Center of Western Civilization. Each Christmas we remember him in celebration.
2000 years have come and gone, and he is still alive with us today.
His name is Jesus Christ.

-Art Rogers, 1989




Murky waters of penance, Alessandro had to pay
For a crime he had committed on a virgin child so brave...
She loved Jesus so much, she gave up her life for what she believed in
Alessandro, however, couldn't see the beauty of her virginity
She bore and held for Jesus.
Only in God's eyes could Alessandro be forgiven...
I'm sure he paid over and over for the sin he had committed.
Assuntra (Maria's mother) after a long time
Came to forgive Alessandro, as did others...
And finally God said to his heart, “Forgive, forgive, forgive...”

-Art Rogers,




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