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The Effect Of A Thorough Repentance Come About Through The Intercession Of St. Maria Goretti, A Beautiful Peasant Girl


By Walter Tomalis

June 24, 2002

The following text is dedicated to my friend at MARYKNOLL, Brother Goretti Zilli

Wow, what a time in the world's history, to realign our thinking after many sins and transgressions. We feel weighted down, decisions toward the good and faithful become blurred, unsure, and we become less fun to be around. Thus we can compile sin, and even crimes creep in as our bed partner.

This is our nightwatch on this earth, followed not far off by the Apocalypse. How long to build a sky-high building with intricate plans and planning? How long to crate away the twisted remains of a once stately building that fell? No plan needed to carry away the dust and soot that remained… So we bow to a crime not at all ever to hear repentance, never to feel remorse on this earth.

So in this century of 2000, millions of fervent Catholics, we have awakened to an unexpected tragedy, a sick, a very sick situation where males prey on the very young or wait for a lone female unescorted.

In a time in which we urgently need Religious Priests, some never should have taken the path to be a liaison between GOD and HIS MEN, WOMEN, OFFSPRING. A large group has chosen sin and crime. To this I write. What can return a killer's mind that was once out of control? Perhaps this proven formula can possibly help those who prey on young people…

Alessandro was sentenced to 40 years in jail when found guilty of killing Saint Maria Goretti. One strange night, in a vision or dream, she appeared to him in his dark cell. So unnerving was the experience, he yelled to his guard to bring him a Priest. He was told to write his confession which he did, and in which he also asked God's pardon.

The above steps are first.

Step #2: Ask pardon of her mother.

Step #3: Alessandro read in Church his confession again, in front of Maria's mother. He asked forgiveness and pardon.

Step #4: Every day at prayer between the sinner and his GOD a renewal, thus avoiding evils of this world that toppled you.

Step #5: His words to the youth are to avoid pornography. AVOID PORNOGRAPHY.

St. Maria Goretti was canonized June 24, 1950 by Pope Pius XII. Her body lies in the village of her birth in the center of a shrine in Nettuno in the Basilica of Our Lady of Grace. Patroness of youth, her theme is to preserve one's purity -- which is indeed very, very important to growing up to be a solid Christian and to raise solid offspring!

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!



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