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  A Mother's Story: Making of the Video Love's Bravest Choice

by Judith Anderson



When she was about 12 years old, my daughter, Debra (now 23), was acting in religious videos. At this time I was approached by film director and friend Jim Cronin about the possibility of Deb playing the role of St. Maria Goretti in a film Brother Goretti Zilli of Maryknoll and Joe and Jeff Indusi were producing about the young saint's life. I wanted to think and pray about it before allowing her to become involved.

I knew of the very short life and violent death of St. Maria Goretti. I knew her to be a role model of purity and martyrdom; someone I had learned about when I was a young girl attending St. Margaret's School in Middle Village, New York.

It was a great honor for us to be asked to participate in the project about her life, but I was concerned about how the filmmakers would handle the scenes of violence. Would it be done tastefully? Would my daughter be troubled by the role in any way? So many questions and concerns were quickly put to rest. I met Brother Goretti and Joe and Jeff and together they explained their ideas for the video project. They impressed me with their straightforwardness and desire to do honor to the saint, as well as protect my daughter from any harmful effects. After prayer and many reassurances, I agreed and Debra began work on the video production of Love's Bravest Choice.

Since I too had done some video work, I read for the part of Assunta, Maria's mother. I did not get the part because another actress looked more like Debra's mother than I did. I must admit she was a much better actress, too!

Debra enjoyed the making of the video with scenes being filmed locally. It was a blessing for the two of us in so many ways. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to talk with her about St. Maria Goretti and the wonderful confidence in and love of Jesus she possessed from such an early age. A Maryknoll father, Fr. John, gave Debra a relic of St. Maria Goretti when he heard she was appearing in the film. It is a family treasure and it brings back wonderful memories of this blessed experience for all of us.

Debra is a graduate of Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, with a B.S. degree in Art History and Studio Arts. She is currently working in the Baltimore area in this field. My husband, Robert, is a security manager in Norwalk, CT. Our oldest daughter, Lee, a Marist grad, is living and working in the Boston area. Michael, our son, graduated from SUNY Maritime College in New York and he is currently overseas. Our youngest daughter, Megan, will be attending Loyola College in Maryland in the fall. Currently I am working in Croton-on-Hudson and I am a co-director of our parish's Respect Life Society and the Hudson Valley Coalition for Life.





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