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Goretti Foundation, Inc. of the Diocese of Dumaguete, Philippines is a registered, religious. charitable, non-profit organization in the USA, and enjoys tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Goretti Foundation, Inc. established the Goretti Scholarship Fund which helps young men in the diocese pursue a priestly vocation, despite any lack of financial means.

"While many...affluent countries are suffering from vocation crisis, in some regions the increase of vocations is creating grave financial problems," according to Msgr. Merlin T. Logronio, founder of Goretti Foundation, Inc. "Goretti Foundation for the Diocese of Dumaguete in the Philippines is a concrete response to alleviate the reality that 'eight our of every ten Filipino priests come from poor and low-income families'".

The Goretti Scholarship Fund is the sum of money given by donors and managed into a trust fund. Only the interest of the trust fund is used to support the study of seminarians and deserving lay students. All contributions are acknowledged with Form 1099 for donors' federal and state income tax deduction purposes.

As a further show of gratitude, the community of seminarians and lay scholars of Goretti Foundation shall continually offer masses and prayers for you. Aside from the satisfaction that you are helping seminarians become priests, you shall merit perpetual memory for having contributed in the strengthening of the Church.

Contributions may be of any type, but generally fall into one of two categories:


Prayer for Priestly Vocations

Jesus, Divine Master, who said, "The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few," we lovingly accept your invitation: "Pray the Heavenly Father to send forth laborers to His harvest."

Inspire a crusade for vocations. More priests! May they be the salt of the earth, the light of the world, the city placed on the mountaintop for the salvation of humankind redeemed by Your Blood! More priests! May they promote the glory of God and the peace of people of good will!

O Mary, God's chosen one, Mother and guardian of holy vocations, with your chaste spouse, Joseph, pray with us, pray for us, and for all those called by God. Amen.

-From the Vatican II Weekly Missal


    (A) Open Contribution Fund -
    any amount is accepted into this trust.

    B) Goretti Perpetual Fund - this is a donation of a designated amount, named after the donors: an individual (living or deceased), a family, an organization or an institution.

    Goretti Perpetual Fund may be given by installment in any of the following categories:

    1. Bishop EB Surban Memorial - $1000 and over

    2. San Lorenzo Ruiz Deed -
    $2000 and over

    3. Goretti Perpetual Charity - $5000 and over

If you would like to help the Goretti Foundation help young seminarians through the Goretti Scholarship Fund, kindly print complete the Goretti Foundation Response Form and return it to:

    Msgr. Merlin T. Logronio, P.C.
    625 North Commonwealth Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90004-2304 USA

    "Your help goes a long, long way...!"



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